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Recent News

Recently, representatives from around the world met in France, the birthplace of
Charolais, for the World Charolais Congress 2014. Among the delegates were eighteen
Canadians who were treated to French hospitality and the breathtaking scenery as
they toured through south central France. As well as the celebration of the 150th
Anniversary of the Herd Book Charolais and 50th Anniversary of Charolais
International, tour participants took in farm visits, an AI center, the Institute of
Charolais, a 500 year old Auction yard, feed efficiency meetings and the National
Show and Sale.  More details in the Charolais International News Release. Check out our News page for more updates!


Since our creation in 1959, the Canadian Charolais Association has served as one of Canada’s major beef breed associations. Based in Calgary, we continually strive to provide our members with up-to-date industry information.

The benefits of using Charolais cattle are obvious – cattlemen simply can’t deny their growth and carcass traits. Over the years, Charolais cattle have earned the reputation of producing cows who can handle a range of environmental conditions and bulls who increase the size and ruggedness of any herd. On the rail, Charolais genetics increase total red meat yield.

Whether you’re a producer looking for Charolais genetics, a member looking to further your involvement in the CCA, or an established breeder looking for producer news, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved with the Canadian Charolais Association.


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