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Whole Herd Enrollment

Whole Herd Enrollment

Whole Herd Enrollment (WHE) was initiated in 1998 by the most progressive beef cattle breeders in Canada.

The Whole Herd Enrollment program is a cow based performance system.  This means that each breeding female is reported on every year.  Breeding and calving information must be reported.  A dam must have a calf reported or a reason for her failure to have a calf is reported in lieu.  Disposal information is collected on the cows that are culled from the herd.

Performance information, such as weights is still optional; in order to maintain the integrity of the data performance, recording individual herd data is strongly encouraged.

WHE Overview

January 1 – female enrollments due (spring and fall calvers), spring calving females invoiced

May 15 – calving data due (to be included in the EPD evaluation)

August 1 – deadline for adding or removing fall calving females from WHE, fall calving females invoiced

October 15 – weaning data due (to be included in the EPD evaluation)

The annual enrollment fee is $26 + applicable taxes per female. Enrollment includes registration on natural calf (calves if twins) born in the year the female is enrolled, transfer on the calf and transfer on the cow in the year she is enrolled.

By collecting Whole Herd Data, traits such as fertility and calving ease can be examined and thus genetic gains can be realized in all areas of data reporting.

The structure of the program simplifies paperwork and adds real value to Canadian Charolais genetics. The Whole Herd system is designed by members for members to support CCA programs and activities.

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