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The initial EPD run which includes Genomics has now been provided by Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI), our genetic evaluation service provider. AGI used the Spring 2018 EPD pedigree and performance dataset and added information from DNA test results via the Single Step Method (SSE) to each animal in the CCA database that had been genotyped. The new EPDs have been evaluated and Genomics will be added to the CCA July EPD run.

EPD – Animals that have not been Genomic tested.
GEPD – Animal that have been Genomic tested


Table 1. Number of genomically tested animals in the genetic evaluation and a comparison of EPD accuracy and EPD changes between the Spring 2018 and SSE evaluations.

Trait Number Accuracy Change in EPD
SSE Spring 2018 Average Minimum Maximum
CE 1081 0.36 0.22 0.34 -5.7 6.80
BW 1365 0.65 0.40 0.07 -4.7 3.8
WW 1365 0.42 0.25 0.42 -13.5 17.8
YW 1365 0.33 0.18 0.51 -25.1 31.8
MILK 1365 0.25 0.14 -0.04 -8.5 10.2
CWT 1365 0.16 0.10 0.2 -12.0 13.0
REA 1365 0.17 0.08 0.01 -0.26 0.32
Fat 1365 0.16 0.10 0.00 -1.03 1.55
Marb 1365 0.15 0.07 -0.01 -1.26 1.54
LY* 1365 0.00 -1.29 0.87

* Lean Yield (LY) is a composite trait and thus does not have an associated accuracy value.

Table 1 shows that accuracies for the genomically tested animals increased for all traits, but especially for BW +.25, WW +.17, YW +.15, and CE +.14. These results are as good as or better than expected and will be a valuable improvement to the accuracy of EPDs. All accuracy improvement will not be the same as genomically tested animals with no progeny will in most cases, show more improvement. Animals that have more progeny already have higher accuracies and will in most cases, show less improvement. For example, animals with no progeny changed on average from EPD accuracy of .31 to GEPD .61 for birth weight, a change of +.30 while animals with an average of twenty progeny changed from EPD .56 to GEPD .73, a change of +.17. Similar results for weaning weight, animals with no progeny moved from EPD accuracy of .19 to GEPD .38, a change of +.19 and animals with twenty progeny moved from accuracy of EPDs .43 to GEPD .53 a change of +.10.
The greatest benefit for breeders to have genomics added to EPD evaluations, will be the evaluation of young animals before they have progeny.

The results in Table 1 show less than 1% change in EPD value for genomically tested animals across all traits. Most animals GEPDs will be close to their current EPD however, for some individual animals there will be a significant change. This is to be expected as whenever there is a change in information such as the addition of genomics or progeny, changes occur. Genomics adds significantly more information. Table 1 shows the Minimum and Maximum changes experienced by the 1365 genomic tested animals in this evaluation. Animals that have not been genomic tested will likely not experience much change in their EPDs however if their parents, grandparents, contemporaries or progeny have been genomic tested and have changed significantly in a trait, there will be some impact.

Another way to look at Genomics is to equate it to progeny equivalents. Table 2 below shows the approximate number of progeny required to have the same information from a genomic test.

Table 2. Progeny records roughly equivalent to the information provided from a genotype test in the SSE. Milk equivalents are expressed as grand progeny from daughters. Carcass traits are expressed as ultrasound record equivalents.

  Progeny Equivalents
CE 10
BW 25
WW 15
YW 8
Milk 10
Fat 6
Marb 6

Plan to genomic test your bulls and significant females as young as practical.

Genomics is a valuable new tool to significantly improve evaluation of animals, improve selection decisions and speed breed progress.

The above EPD evaluation was submitted by AGI and the Tables and data above supplied by Sean McGrath
Prepared by Doug Blair July 06 2018

Genomics Have Arrived for CCA (PDF)

– Storch joins CCA

It’s with great pleasure that the Canadian Charolais Association family welcomes Sally Storch to the team. Sally joins the CCA staff in a full-time capacity and comes to us with agricultural experience; she’s been involved with ranching for several years with particular interests in dressage and ranch roping as well as cattle AI and management protocols. Sally is dedicated to the people and animals of our industry and considers this new endeavour a privilege to be a part of.

As we thank Piper Whelan for her time and wish her well in her new ventures, please join us in welcoming Sally Storch to the CCA office.

– BE INDENTIFIABLE…wear your Charolais Swag!

We’ve been getting requests for hats, jackets and Charolais merch in general. You’ve asked, we’ve listened.
CCA has teamed with MARCC Apparel to bring you Charolais Swag at the click of your mouse in an all new eStore!

– Charolais Swag eStore

A variety of shirts, jackets, and hats with a wide range of sizes and prices are available for purchase. Maybe you need 4-H Award gifts, Christmas presents or Thank You gifts for your Bull and Female buyers? Care to customise? MARCC Apparel is there to help! Click on the above link to explore the swag!


– 2017 CCA Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Canadian Charolais Association received several impressive applications for its 2017 scholarships. The selection committee had the challenging task of selecting three recipients from the twelve qualified applicants.

Congratulations to Dale Weinbender of Canora, Saskatchewan, on being chosen as the recipient of the 2017 Dale Norheim Memorial Scholarship ($1,500). Dale became involved with the Charolais breed at a young age and has been active in the CCYA for many years. He is currently serving as the president of the Saskatchewan Charolais Youth Association, and is especially interested in developing the skills and knowledge of juniors involved with the Charolais breed. He is currently studying animal science at the University of Saskatchewan, with plans to obtain a master’s degree in this field, and is interested in pursuing a career related to livestock nutrition.

Receiving $1,000 scholarships each are Shelby Evans of Kenaston, SK, and Karine Dubuc of Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, Quebec. Shelby has shown Charolais cattle for many years, and recently represented the CCYA at the 2017 American International Junior Charolais Association’s show. She is studying agribusiness at the University of Saskatchewan, and is looking forward to what she believes will be a bright future for the Charolais breed. Karine is studying agronomy and animal production at Université Laval, and is a member of the school’s Animal Science Club and la Fédération de la relève agricole du Quebec. She is passionate about young people developing their overall knowledge of agriculture, and has excelled in her undergraduate research opportunities.

The selection committee thanks everyone who applied for this year’s scholarships, and is inspired by the enthusiasm of the up-and-coming young leaders of the Charolais breed.

– 2017 National Show Recap


Canadian Charolais Association Members:

The Saskatchewan Charolais Association is pleased to host the 2017 Canadian Charolais Association’s Annual General Meeting. This is an annual opportunity to meet and greet with CCA Staff, Directors, and Members alike. We encourage you to get involved with your Association, share in the fellowship of Charolais breeders from across Canada, and enjoy what the Land of the Living Skies has to offer!

To begin, we invite you to join us Friday, June 9, 2017 for a day of touring! We’ll tour equipment and cattle at Norheim Ranching, a feedlot and cow/calf visit at Buffalo Plains Livestock, and we’ll round the day off with a herd tour and steak dinner at Palmer Charolais.

The Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 1:30pm in the Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We will discuss the business affairs of the Association, elect incoming Directors, and welcome Sandy Russel of Spring Creek Land & Cattle Consulting as she updates us on the market trends. Banquet and Social will follow the formal setting of the meeting, where we will then recognize and appreciate our long-standing members and award the powerhouse dams of our Canadian herd book. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate!

To ensure we have enough seats on the bus and food on the table, please RSVP by June 1, 2017 with Dave Blechinger via email at or calling 306.882.4081

Forms Coming Soon:  Notice of Meeting, Director Elections, Proxy Form and the Proposed By-Law Changes.

If unable to attend, we urge you to complete the Proxy form and have it into the CCA Office prior to June 5, 2017 or send with a member that is attending the AGM to have them vote on your behalf.

See you in June!

Piper Whelan joins CCA as Registry/Member Services Assistant

We are pleased to announce that we will welcome Piper Whelan to the Canadian Charolais Association on January 23, 2017. Piper comes with experience and a keen interest in the beef industry. She grew up on a purebred Maine-Anjou ranch at Irricana, Alberta and was active in junior shows and 4-H. Piper studied at the University of Alberta and the University of King’s College School of Journalism. She has worked in the journalism and publishing industries for the last few years, and her written work has appeared in several beef-related magazines.

Piper will be part-time, two days a week and involved with the daily operations of the Association as Registry/Member Services Assistant working closely with Lois Chivilo and Mel Reekie.

Please join us in welcoming Piper Whelan to your CCA team.


Piper Whelan se joint à l’équipe de l’Association Canadienne Charolais

Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir Piper Whelan comme assistante aux services aux membres à partir du 23 janvier 2017. Piper possède beaucoup d’expérience et un vif intérêt pour l’industrie du bœuf. Elle a été élevée sur un ranch de Maine-Anjou pur-sang à Irricana (Alberta) et elle a participé activement aux concours juniors et 4-H. Piper a étudié à l’Université de l’Alberta et College School of Journalism de l’Université de King. Elle a travaillé dans le domaine du journalisme et dans l’industrie de la publication au cours des dernières années, et ses œuvres écrites ont été publiées dans plusieurs revues axées sur la production de viande bovine.

Piper sera à temps partiel soit deux jours par semaine et impliquée dans les opérations quotidiennes de l’Association aux services de registre/membre en collaboration étroitement avec Lois Chivilo et Mel Reekie. Malheureusement, Piper ne parle pas francais.

Je vous prie de vous joindre à nous pour l’accueil chaleureux de Piper Whelan.


The Canadian Charolais Association received a significant number of highly qualified applicants for their 2016 Scholarships. Of the twenty impactful applications received, the selection committee had the tough decision to select three recipients.

Congratulations to Jack Oattes, Cobden, ON as the successful recipient of the 2016 Dale Norheim Memorial scholarship ($1500). The Charolais breed played a large role in Jack’s upbringing and a passion that he has remained committed to; Jack is currently in his first year of Master of Science in Ruminant Nutrition at the University of Illinois. Jack finds personal fulfillment and is honoured to be recognized and associated with this prestigious award in memorian of Dale Norheim. Dale was a positive influence to him personally from a young age and assisted Jack with a purchase in the fall of 2005 that went on to be the CCYA Grand Champion Female!

Both receiving $1000 scholarships, Congratulations to Megan McLeod, Cochrane, AB and Shae-Lynn Evans, Kenaston, SK. Megan appreciates the opportunity to apply for the Charolais Association scholarships as she’s been showing Charolais cattle since she was six years old and has since been quite involved in CCYA and 4-H in Alberta. Megan is supporting herself in her education as she works on her third year of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan. Shae-Lynn has also been actively involved in CCYA and 4-H from a young age and has most recently represented CCYA at the Australian National Youth Stampede in Dubbo, New South Wales where she broadened her understanding of the breed and began what are sure to be lifelong friendships. Shae-Lynn is in her final year of Nursing through the University of Regina.

It was a true pleasure for those on the committee to read through the inspiring messages and get a first hand look at the next generation of Charolais Leaders. The strength of their leadership skills and their involvement with the breed and their communities is remarkable.


2017 Whole Herd Enrollment is now available to you online – WHE forms have hit the mail for members who are not online users.

January 1st is our annual deadline for Memberships and Enrollment; with the change in our Registry System there was a delay getting this set for our members.

We apologize for any inconvenience the delay has caused, with the busy Christmas season we just ask to do your best to have your enrollments completed by the first week of January.

Please note that the Charolais Office will be closed December 26 through 30. We will be back in the office the week of January 2 and will be happy to help you with any issues you may encounter.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and yours through the holiday season and beyond

Sincerely, Your Canadian Charolais Association


The 2016 National Charolais Show was a resounding success at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario. The enthusiasm was electric as Charolais enthusiasts descended upon Toronto from all parts of the country to participate in the action. The Ontario Charolais Association hosted 46 breeders that exhibited 105+ animals, cattle were sorted November 4 by Kasey Phillips, Waskatenau, AB. Sparks flew at the National Charolais Sale that averaged $9400, compliments to the Ontario Charolais Association for filling the house and organizing a first-class video sale.

• Grand Champion Female was WSS ANNABELLE 355A with calf at side, Exhibited by Rollin’ Acres of Mulmur, ON.
• Grand Champion Bull honors goes to SOS CHUCKWAGON 54C, Exhibited by Springside Farms, Airdrie, AB.
• Dudgeon-Snobelen Land & Cattle, Ripley, ON were awarded Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor honours went to Rollin Acres, Mulmur, ON.
• The Don Turnbull Achievement Trophy recipient as chosen by their peers was presented to Sunrise Charolais, Stayner, ON; they best exemplify Don Turnbull’s integrity, exemplary animal husbandry and his dedication to the Charolais breed.
• Daily Hersdman honours was presented to Bridor Charolais, Mount Forest, ON.

Save the date for the 2017 National Charolais Show being hosted by the Manitoba Charolais Association at Ag Ex in Brandon, MB on October 25-28, 2017.

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Canadian Charolais Youth Association – GENETICS PROGRAM

The CCYA Genetics Program is run by the CCYA National Board with semen chosen from leading bulls in the industry. The program encourages youth to take an active role in planning their breeding program and allows members to use genetics that would ordinarily be inaccessible. Applicants can choose from any bulls through Semex or Genex. For more information and an application form, please visit the CCYA website at


Grand Champion Female – PZC TR DESIRAE 012 sired by CML DIABLO 2X with calf at side CML DESIRAE 558C sired by CML DISTINCTION 318A, Exhibited by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, AB

Reserve Grand Champion Female – PRAIRIE COVE MISS 309A sired by HTA VEGAS 134Y with calf at side CAYS MOONSHINE 11C sired by TR MR FIREWATER 5792ET, Exhibited by Cay’s Cattle, Kinistino, SK, Additional Owner – Prairie Cove Charolais

Grand Champion Bull – CML DISTINCTION 318A sired by MERIT VINTAGE 4065P, Exhibited by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, AB, Additional Owners – Silver Spur Land & Cattle, Sunrise Charolais

Reserve Grand Champion Bull – SVY GRIZZLY PLD 521C sired by SVY BLITZ 125Y, Exhibited by Serhienko Cattle Co., Maymont, SK, Additional Owner – Horseshoe E

Premiere Breeder & Exhibitor both went to Springside Farms, Airdrie, AB

Complete show results can be found at:


The EYE Committee would like to commend all those who applied for the 2015 CCA Scholarships. It was a true pleasure for those on the committee to read through the inspiring messages and get a first hand look at the next generation of Charolais Leaders. The strength of the leadership skills, the involvement with the breed and your respective communities is remarkable. We received a significant number of highly qualified applicants for this year’s funds. Of the sixteen strong applications, we had the tough decision to select four recipients. Congratulations to: Laura Weinbender of Canora, SK as the 2015 Recipient of the $1500 Dale Norheim Memorial Scholarship and to Jessica Sperber of Rimbey, AB, Luke Marshall of Red Deer County, AB and Genevieve Dubuc, St-Eulalie, QC for each receiving a 2015 CCA Scholarship of $1000.


The Charolais breed was very well represented at the 2015 RBC BEEF SUPREME CHALLENGE with two bulls and two females making the top ten with an outstanding Charolais pair being crowned Supreme Champion Female. McLeod Livestock of Cochrane, AB exhibited Supreme Female with pzc tr desirae 012 and her calf at side CML DESIRAE 558C. Also in the top ten females was PRAIRIE COVE MISS 309A with calf at side CAYS MOONSHINE 11C, exhibited by Cay’s Cattle, Kinistino, SK, Additional Owner – Prairie Cove Charolais.

On the bulls, congratulations to McLeod Livestock with CML DISTINCTION 318A, additional Owners – Silver Spur Land & Cattle, Sunrise Charolais. The first ever bull calf in the RBC Beef Supreme Top Ten Bulls went to HRJ CROWD FAVOURITE 515C exhibited by Johnson Charolais of Barrhead, AB.

Heartfelt congratulations on all their hard work and dedication goes to all the breeders and exhibitors!

The 2015 National Charolais Show and Sale was an OUTSTANDING Success!

Breeders from across the country descended upon Regina during Agribition for the 2015 National Charolais Show and Sale, and what a week they had!  Kelly Howe and the Show Committee did an excellent job of organizing and making sure the barns, exhibitors and spectators were well taken care of.

Starting off the National Sale was a Dutch Auction for an art print graciously donated by Ron Kletzel.  The print RUSSELL PAINTS A MASTERPIECE by Andy Thomas raised close to $6300 in support of our youth through the annual Scholarship program. The momentum held as the sale moved into the National Sale with the 25 lots averaging $9986. A full sale report can be found at

Does your bull come with a Registration Certificate?
When you look around to replace and improve your bull battery, you seek a bull that is going to mate well with your cows and please your marketplace by providing a sound product.  When you’re selling, a good bull is a SOLD bull.  However, when you are buying you’ll probably look at calving ease, semen quality, sound feet and legs, performance (the list goes on) but do you also consider a Purebred Registration Certificate? Did your last bull purchase come with a Registration paper?
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Canadian Elected Charolais International President
September 24, 2014 – Recently, representatives from around the world met in France, the birthplace of Charolais, for the World Charolais Congress 2014. Among the delegates were eighteen Canadians who were treated to French hospitality and the breathtaking scenery as they toured through south central France. As well as the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Herd Book Charolais and 50th Anniversary of Charolais International, tour participants took in farm visits, an AI center, the Institute of Charolais, a 500 year old Auction yard, feed efficiency meetings and the National Show and Sale.
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Charolais Steer wins Calgary!
It was a smoke show this year at the richest steer show in Canada, UFA Steer Classic at the Calgary Stampede. Proudly owned and shown by Megan McLeod of Cochrane, AB, Cruise, the Charolais cross steer was slapped Grand Champion by judges Lee and Dawn Wilson, Bashaw, AB. (View Full Press Release)

Minister Ritz Delivers Major Market Access Achievements in China

June 17, 2014 – Beijing, China – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  – Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz held key bilateral meetings with the Chinese government that have yielded key developments benefitting a wide range of producers, processors and exporters across Canada’s robust agricultural economy.
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Beef Advocacy

(Ottawa, AB) March 6, 2014 – Beef advocacy Canada is proud to launch its live advocacy and education program at the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Annual General Meeting. (View Full Press Release)

Carcass EPD

The Canadian Charolais Association is please to announce the release of it’s new carcass EPD. The carcass EPD models use state of the art statistical models to combine pedigree, carcass and ultrasound information from the Charolais database to predict the relative carcass merit possessed by individuals within the breed. EPD are presented for Carcass Weight (CWT) in pounds, Rib-Eye Area (REA) in square inches, Fat Thickness (Fat) in millimeters, Marbling Score (MARB) in marbling score units and Lean Yield (LY) in percent lean.
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Charolais Post Record Bull Sale Averages

The Charolais bull sales in the spring of 2014 proved to be the highest on record. Statistics from the May issue of the Charolais Banner reports results from 76 bull sales across Canada. There were 76 more lots selling in 2014 over 2013 with the overall average up $674/bull to $4,769. Of the 33 years these results have been monitored by the Charolais Banner, this spring also showed the highest overall gross of nearly $12.7 million up over 2 million from last year.
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Canadian Beef Breeds Council –  March 2014

Canadian Beef Breeds Council’s 20th Annual General Meeting was held in the Alberta Beef Producers Board Room and was well attended by members, associates and guests. President David Bolduc shared that ” We have an improved board structure and have established a communication program that keeps all our members involved and informed. We are working more effectively to promote the value of registered seedstock in Canada and abroud”.
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