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Piper Whelan joins CCA as Registry/Member Services Assistant

We are pleased to announce that we will welcome Piper Whelan to the Canadian Charolais Association on January 23, 2017. Piper comes with experience and a keen interest in the beef industry. She grew up on a purebred Maine-Anjou ranch at Irricana, Alberta and was active in junior shows and 4-H. Piper studied at the University of Alberta and the University of King’s College School of Journalism. She has worked in the journalism and publishing industries for the last few years, and her written work has appeared in several beef-related magazines.

Piper will be part-time, two days a week and involved with the daily operations of the Association as Registry/Member Services Assistant working closely with Lois Chivilo and Mel Reekie.

Please join us in welcoming Piper Whelan to your CCA team.


Piper Whelan se joint à l’équipe de l’Association Canadienne Charolais

Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir Piper Whelan comme assistante aux services aux membres à partir du 23 janvier 2017. Piper possède beaucoup d’expérience et un vif intérêt pour l’industrie du bœuf. Elle a été élevée sur un ranch de Maine-Anjou pur-sang à Irricana (Alberta) et elle a participé activement aux concours juniors et 4-H. Piper a étudié à l’Université de l’Alberta et College School of Journalism de l’Université de King. Elle a travaillé dans le domaine du journalisme et dans l’industrie de la publication au cours des dernières années, et ses œuvres écrites ont été publiées dans plusieurs revues axées sur la production de viande bovine.

Piper sera à temps partiel soit deux jours par semaine et impliquée dans les opérations quotidiennes de l’Association aux services de registre/membre en collaboration étroitement avec Lois Chivilo et Mel Reekie. Malheureusement, Piper ne parle pas francais.

Je vous prie de vous joindre à nous pour l’accueil chaleureux de Piper Whelan.


Since our creation in 1959, the Canadian Charolais Association has served as one of Canada’s major beef breed associations. Based in Calgary, we continually strive to provide our members with up-to-date industry information.

The benefits of using Charolais cattle are obvious – cattlemen simply can’t deny their growth and carcass traits. Over the years, Charolais cattle have earned the reputation of producing cows who can handle a range of environmental conditions and bulls who increase the size and ruggedness of any herd. On the rail, Charolais genetics increase total red meat yield.

Whether you’re a producer looking for Charolais genetics, a member looking to further your involvement in the CCA, or an established breeder looking for producer news, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved with the Canadian Charolais Association.