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Recent News

– Feed Efficiency Trials
  • The CCA will be conducting our second intake of replacement purebred heifers for a Residual Feed Intake Trial. This trial will take place at Lakeland College in Vermillion AB. The start date is October 15th, 2020 and will be a 71-day trial. This includes a 21 day warm up period followed by a 50-day test. The cost for the 71 days is $5.70 per day which is split into, $3.40 yardage and $2.30 research cost. The CCA will cover the cost of the of the 50K SNP test as well as the ultrasound. The Canadian Charolais Association has also formed a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim. With this partnership, Boehringer Ingelheim will be supplying all the arrival day induction vaccines this will lower the cost of the trial to $385.70 per head for the 71 days. For more information and enrollment forms please contact Craig Scott at the Canadian Charolais Association Office (403)250-9242.

– 2019 Annual Report

– CCA General Meeting & 60th Anniversary Celebration Update (7-2-2020)

After a long process of thoroughly assessing the options for the Canadian Charolais Association Annual General Meeting and 60th Anniversary celebration amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors have made the difficult decision to postpone the meeting and anniversary celebration until 2021. More information will follow when available. We will be publishing our annual report and it will be available on our website. Please forward any questions to the Board Members or the CCA office.

– CCA Scholarship 2020

– Attention Youth

Due to the current unfortunate circumstances in relation to COVID-19, the International Travel Opportunity to the AIJCA show in Kansas this July has been cancelled. We apologize to all applicants, but know that this is the best and most responsible decision at this time.

– Visit the Charolais Swag eStore

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Since our creation in 1959, the Canadian Charolais Association has served as one of Canada’s major beef breed associations. Based in Calgary, we continually strive to provide our members with up-to-date industry information.

The benefits of using Charolais cattle are obvious – cattlemen simply can’t deny their growth and carcass traits. Over the years, Charolais cattle have earned the reputation of producing cows who can handle a range of environmental conditions and bulls who increase the size and ruggedness of any herd. On the rail, Charolais genetics increase total red meat yield.

Whether you’re a producer looking for Charolais genetics, a member looking to further your involvement in the CCA, or an established breeder looking for producer news, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved with the Canadian Charolais Association.