Animal Transfer

Find out more about the animal transfer process below.

  • CCA Registry Users: 
    • CCA Online Registry users have the ability to transfer an animal to a current member. You can look up any current member by their member number or name. For non-members, please contact the office and or use the traditional method of transfer! 
    • Find a member
  • Traditional Method: 
    • Traditional mail-in version includes filling out the back of the registration paper with the sale day, buyer's name, member number (if available), address and please always indicate where the new certificate should be sent (buyer or seller). The current owner must sign the back of the transfer paper for a completed transfer. Also include the service details on a bred female if available! All transfers can be sent into the CCA office.

Exclusive Sires

The Exclusive Sire program allows you to enroll your sire for a fee to protect your right to who can register calves from that semen. The owner of the permit must give signatures for registering the calves. Please contact us at 403-250-9242 with questions.
  • HVA Mastercraft 262G
  • CTP Turnbulls Duty-Free 358D
  • GHC Reagan 9012
  • KEYS Powermax 57G
  • KLR Elder’s Houlio 4H
  • LT Affinity 6221 PLD
  • LT Authority 7229 PLD
  • LT Global 3322 ET
  • LT Justified 1528 PLD
  • LT Patriot 4004 PLD
  • LT Rushmore 8060
  • RBM Fargo Y111
  • RGP Everglade 31G
  • Silverstream Padra P7
  • SVY Mayfield 30H
  • WCR Commissioner 593 P