CCA By-Laws

The By-Laws of the Canadian Charolais Association are prepared and circulated to aid members in complying with the requirements therein. They are intended to facilitate an objective approach to the breeding of better cattle without undue restrictions. They are compatible with the Animal Pedigree Act of the Parliament of Canada and are approved and supervised by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. The Association staff is obligated to carry out the terms of the By-Laws with equity, reasonableness and dispatch.

We urge you to read the By-Laws and maintain them for future reference. If questions arise, feel free to contact the office staff or Directors for clarification.

These By-Laws are designed to facilitate the breeding of superior cattle and the development of enthusiastic, dedicated breeders.

Note: Amendments to the By-Laws are made at Annual Meetings and members should keep abreast of such changes.

The CCA Board of Directors
Amended June 11, 2022