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Genetics Program

The Genetics Program is run by the National Board with semen chosen from leading bulls in the industry. The program encourages youth to take an active role in planning their breeding program and allows members to use genetics that would ordinarily be inaccessible.

Genetics Program Semen Donors

The Genetics Program is available for any Canadian exported bulls offered by the following companies.  View their websites below to see an updated list of bulls:

Buy & Show Program


The Buy & Show Program provides a monetary rebate to juniors who purchase their own Charolais or Char-cross heifer or steer, with additional money available if the purchased animal is then used as a show heifer or steer.

  • Youth must be a registered Canadian Charolais Youth Association member at time of purchase and when the application for a rebate is submitted
  • Applicant may buy a female or steer at an auction sale or private purchase, however a copy of the bill of sale in the junior’s name must be provided to be eligible for the program
  • Female or steer can be either a commercial Charolais cross at least 50% or a purebred Charolais A $50 rebate is available at time of purchase with the proof of purchase
  • If shown within 365 days at a recognized junior show (e.g. 4-H) another $50 rebate is available – photo proof of the heifer at the show must provided
  • CCYA Conference & Show counts as a junior show and earns a $25 bonus will be awarded
  • $125 is the maximum monetary value available for a year in this program
  • Limit of one animal per year per junior
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Purchase Incentive Program

Applicants who meet the Program rules will be provided with a copy of the CCYA semen inventory list (held by Alta Genetics in Alberta) and can select any bull from that list. Upon notification of the selection, the National Board will have 2 straws of semen released in the youth member’s name, with the youth to then arrange delivery to their farm.

  • Applicant must have a current CCYA or Junior CCA membership.
  • Applicant may buy a female at an auction sale or private purchase, however a bill of sale must be provided to be eligible for the program.
  • Female purchased may be a registered Charolais or visible Charolais-cross female.
  • One female per year per applicant.

CCYA Travel Opportunity Scholarship

The CCYA is very excited to provide a scholarship opportunity for members of the Canadian Charolais Youth Association. The scholarship provides youth members with a chance to receive funds in order to travel while attending an event involving the Charolais breed or the cattle industry in general. Applicants must fill out the application form and submit a write up which includes the following: 
  • Your involvement in the cattle industry, specifically with the Charolais breed 
  • Where you wish to travel and what event you will be attending 
  • What you hope to gain from the trip 
  • A detailed summary of your travel plans and itinerary 
  • An estimate of your expenses for the trip 

Travel Opportunities include: 

  • American International Junior Charolais Association (AIJCA) 
  • Australian National Youth Stampede 
  • Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC) 
  • Any other cattle industry or Charolais breed conference/event that would beneficial as an upcoming member in the breed

 ***PLEASE NOTE: The travel scholarship does not include funding to attend the CCYA Conference and Show.

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Essay Contest

Purpose: The Canadian Charolais Youth Association National Board Annual Essay Competition has been created by the CCYA National Board to encourage youth to be involved in the Charolais industry and actively promote the educational endeavors of CCYA members.


1st Place - $300
2nd Place - $200

1st Place - $200
2nd Place - $100

1st Place - $125
2nd Place - $75

Essay Requirements:

  • Youth members must write an essay on one of the assigned topics for their respective age category.
  • An essay form must be included as the cover page.
  • Essays must be typed, size 12 font Times New Roman font, double spaced, and 1” margins.
  • Essay Length:
  • Jr: 1-2 Pages
  • Int: 2-3 Pages
  • Sr: 2-4 Pages


  • Youth members will write and research their essay independently.
  • Any references or resources will be cited.
  • Youth members will be active members in good standing at the time of submission of their essays.

2024 Essay Contest Topics:

  • Senior:  “How has genetic evolution influenced the charolais breed?”
  • Intermediate: “Why do you think it is important to DNA the cattle in your herd?”
  • Junior: “If you could not show cattle what other animal would you show and why?”

Leadership Scholarship


CCYA Scholarships are awarded to current CCYA members on the basis of demonstrated CCYA or associated Provincial leadership, interest in the cattle industry and youth leadership activities. The number of CCYA scholarship recipients and the dollar amount awarded shall be determined each year by the Canadian Charolais National Youth Association National Board. Scholarships are paid from the income derived from the annual  Semen Auction. 

The Semen Auction is a fundraiser ran by the Canadian Charolais Youth Association (CCYA), where semen from top bulls in the breed is generously donated from various breeders across the country. All funds directly support the youth. The semen donated is auctioned off at one of the fall sales, and all proceeds go towards programs of the National Board. Particularly, leadership scholarships are presented at the conference and show from funds raised through the Semen Auction, recognizing senior members on their contribution to the Charolais breed and their leadership among other Charolais youth members. The CCYA National Board would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported in the past for making our programs and scholarship opportunities possible for our youth.

The Leadership Scholarship is awarded annually, and awards $3000 to outstanding Charolais youth.

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