National Conference Show

Conference & Show

Every year the Canadian Charolais Youth Association (CCYA) hosts a four-day, national youth conference for the CCYA members, known as the CCYA Conference and Show. The first Conference and Show was held in 1988, and since then it has become an annual event, anticipated by youth from across Canada. It has grown to be a summer highlight for many CCYA members as they travel with their families, from across the nation, for the Conference and Show, which rotates between provinces on a yearly basis. This major event continues to grow from year to year, and has progressively come to be known as one of the largest youth livestock events in Canada.

The goal of the Conference and Show is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that they will need in the future, in a fun and enjoyable setting. Participants return year after year, not only to participate in the activities and competitions, but also to renew old friendships and acquaintances. It is an excellent opportunity to make friends from across the country, learn valuable skills, and establish beneficial contacts within the industry.

Events & Activities

Little Chars Program

The Little Chars program is run throughout the course of the conference & is open to members aged 5 – 7 as of January 1st! Participants will have a program scheduled by the CCYA BOD & CCYA Alumni Directors ahead of the conference. This schedule will include a variety of activities & educational components that will help develop the Little Char members skill set prior to moving up to a Junior level. The end goal is for the Little Chars to have fun and partake in activities with less expectations so they can have fun while learning!

Rules & Regulations

  • This is NOT a babysitting service and parents are still responsible for their child throughout the course of the week and making sure their Little Char gets to their scheduled programs.
  • Ages: 5-7 years old as of January 1st. Participants do NOT have to be siblings of other CCYA Junior members to participate.
    • Little Chars are still expected to pay their CCYA Membership & registration fee to be able to participate.
  • Little Chars are not allowed to enter an animal. NO EXCEPTIONS. They will have their own showmanship class where they are permitted to borrow an animal or coordinate with a senior member to find a quiet animal to use (Alumni directors will assist in finding you an animal as well).
    • All participants will enter the ring with a Senior member to assist for safety reasons.
  • The Little Chars will have their OWN herdsman group. This will always be dependent on entries but groups will be decided at the discretion of the CCYA Alumni Directors.
  • There will be multiple educational and skill competitions designated specifically for the Little Chars. This will include categories such as judging, marketing, animal care, etc. However, the little chars will not be permitted to enter the conference competitions outside of the Little Chars.